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Hi everyone. It is raining outside on this Easter Monday. A soft summer rain, turning the nature very green now.

I was walking to the trainstation on Argentinierstrasse in Vienna, admiring the nature around me, looking at large trees hanging over me when I turned and saw this:

On the other side of the street; these eyes watching. A series of art, one oil painting and two other collages.

I was fascinated by the messages: “Poverty and opulence” and “Self control.” Thoughts to consider on an Easter Monday.


Are you as excited for the weekend as I am?

It’s been a long, rough week fending off the cold and flu that everybody else seems to have picked up, and has been incapacitated by for days on end. Well, so far we’re going strong and haven’t gotten any full-blown anything.  Sign of relief. If there are two thing I would prescribe to not get sick — which obviously isn’t the flu-shot — it’s vitamin C and good food.

Earlier this week we treated our selves to a meal out at one of our local Japanese restaurants — Tokori — located in Naschmarkt. Since the weather has turned harshly cold once again, the green tea and scalding Udon soup was particularly soothing.

Japanese food seems particular fresh, and clean, and therefore healthy. That’s the kind of food that will keep you well during the winter.

The restaurant itself is a small, self-standing structure, it’s outer walls almost completely windows, which gives the space a comfortably open air.  It was our first time to this particular spot, and honestly, I think the atmosphere probably enhances the taste of the food, which is to say it’s probably not the best Japanese food in the city.

I hope everybody has an enjoyable weekend!

Sunday afternoon–lots of sun. It was warm outside, and we went for a walk along the Donaukanal. We felt invigorated by the things we saw around the city. We walked for hours, but took a break by a hut surrounded by beach chairs on the canal boardwalk. There we enjoyed Sturm, a fermenting, unfiltered, young wine. This is the bright autumn we are used to.

We are lucky to have Naschmarkt right around the corner from where we live. Located at the Wienzeile over what used to be a river, it is about 1,5 kilometers long. The market has existed since the 16th century and every Saturday it extends further down the Wienzeile, where a flea market takes place. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s closed on Sundays.

Not only does Naschmarkt have amazing fruits and vegetables throughout the week, but they also sell breads, honey, sauces, eggs, cheeses, meats, hummus, herbs and yogurts… and sauerkraut! There are also a lot of small restaurants which offer kebab, sushi, fish, seafood, traditional Viennese food, and stalls which offer clothes and accessories. I am talking pretty much everything…

Here are pictures from our brisk and sunny Saturday afternoon at the farmer’s market.

Edible flowers.

Plums are in season. Aren’t the ones above gorgeous little jewels? We’ve already eaten them all…

Later in the day it is possible to negotiate a better price

One thing we love about any farmer’s market is seeing all the beautiful colors and textures.

My tote could barely handle the weight

Well, welcome back to the working week, and we hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!

This afternoon we took a long walk into the city center. We kept a look out for new details we’d like to show. A theme that developed from our escapade was on typography. We find this type of design quite fascinating – how we communicate to the world; how we understand the meaning of things. Here’s an array of some of the fonts we found today.

The normal typeset used for Viennese street signs.

An old-style street sign in the 1st district of Vienna.

The electronic reader on a Viennese streetcar, likely dating from the 1970s.

The sunset over the enormous letters of Kunsthalle.

For more information and very interesting articles on typography, visit I Love Typography.

The night fell, and we left the tone-deaf punk singer singing back on Schleifmühlgasse; we had heard there might be a better concert at Karlsplatz.

It turned out the soundcheck that had taken place that morning was for the following day. Alas, there was no live music there; instead, we, a group of seven or so friends, enjoyed the warmth of the night for a while then moved on back to Café Amacord where we saw a great (no name) duo wailing on an electric guitar and a synthesizer and harmonica.