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I am loving the Sunday morning feeling of having gotten up early, and having that first cup of joe.

Yesterday afternoon I had coffee with a dear friend at Naschmarkt, who pointed out this political statement hanging over our heads, literally. It must so often go unnoticed, perhaps a lot like the continuing movements in Northern Africa. Or are they?

from Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria

I like the composition of this photograph, the depth and story, with the two men standing in the foreground – illuminated by the sun – in discussion with statement overhead.

Always interested in your thoughts. Hope everybody is having a nice weekend!


At some point during the winter, everybody gets antsy. Part of it can be tracked back to the post-December holiday syndrome, while often times it’s simply due to the overwhelming amount of gray – from gray skies and cityscapes, to the increasingly monotonous gray-tone inspired wardrobe.

Hence the creeping travel bug.

But what to do about it? Scope out some travel options and make plans, even if it’s only for a weekend trip… and of course it’s always helpful to revisit photographs from previous trips.

Spring in Barcelona is remarkable. While the Mediterranean may not be quite warm enough to take a dip (though last year one friend from Boston managed), the breeze is warm, and the colors replenish your spirit.

Do you have any travel plans?

I just wanted to share these images with you. They are the magic of the Earth and sky, and the less beautiful side of how we’ve come to decorate the landscape.

Check out the full-size photographs here.

Happy Friday!

I have to start with a reflection; the sun has been wonderful this week. The days have been strangely warm, and since we’ve changed our clocks back last weekend, the walk to the subway has had a pleasant light.

The loss of the deciduous trees’ feuillage right now not only colors the landscape fantastically, but also makes way for new ways of seeing that landscape.

The evening light has also been lovely, but more difficult to capture. Perhaps I’ll get it this weekend while rummaging around in a forest near Vienna.

What about your plans for the weekend?

A few nights ago, when it was still in the warmth of summer, we went out for dinner. Well, we often go out for dinner but this night in particular, it was a last minute decision. We ended up at Kunsthalle Café, which is a restaurant in the front, with a sprawling outdoor patio that spills onto the lawn, plus a gallery in the back.

The atmosphere rings simple, refined, artsy. There are DJs every evening, and the food’s good too. Especially the burger, they say. (The kicker is the mango chutney, but that’s another story). A specialty non-alcoholic drink is fresh ginger-infused lemonade – served in a large carafe with mint leaves. You almost can’t go wrong with just that, except the mood chills you out and often is inviting for an all around affordable (and quality) glass of wine, beer, or cocktail.

The outdoor seating is quite nice. Not just nice, but really lovely because they don’t close down at 11pm like so many other places in the hood. It isn’t surrounded by residential buildings, so it’ll stay open late into the night.

If summer show itself again this year, take in the art, then listen to the DJ spinning as the sun sets over Vienna. If it doesn’t, I’m sure there will be plenty going on in the cool, sunny autumn evenings.