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Welcome back to a new week!

Early Saturday morning, I went walking in a small Slovak town, where I was visiting my parents. I was not planning to photograph anything in particular, but in the end, ended up taking shots of storefronts and signs. All of what you will see below is from the main strip in town, which is about 200 meters long.

What occurred to me was that there was an amazing array of typography.  I do not know what typefaces they are, but take a look at the variety of these wonderful specimens. There are a lot of alternatives and flourishes, ranging from fat and curvy serif, to thin, modern and relevant sans-serif. Or how about character and personality, loud and expressive, or the quality in well chosen proportions and a well balanced ensemble — timeless.

A while ago we were wandering around Vienna and came across some other interesting typefaces.

I just love letterforms, and when thinking about using various types I would usually want to attempt to express that. I appreciate a type design where there is an element of something that demonstrates a passion and flair for the subject, versatility and craftsmanship.

Do you have a favorite here?


Well, we’ve made it to the end of a wonderful year; we are celebrating in Eastern Europe, in Slovakia! We woke up this morning to high winds and a beautiful snow cover.

Last night we had an enjoyable traditional Christmas Eve dinner – fish, potato salad, cabbage soup and salad with apple and roquefort, dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette – and each other’s company. We also had sparklers to welcome the festive time.