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It’s Thursday — hope the week is going well for everybody!

Often we head down to Naschmarkt in the evenings after work. It’s an open-air market where we usually food shop, and occasionally stop for a glass of wine. This being somewhat of a necessity after the 25-minute train-ride — yes, I’m being slightly facetious.

We live next door, which is not to say that the atmosphere has become dull and monotonous, rather that we find it comforting and nigh. It’s old-worldy, too! Check out the brass bar stool in the background below.

As we passed one of our favorite wine-vendors, the owner called to us to try a new wine!

This week he’s serving a fresh 2010 Grüner Veltliner — young and… — and we were more than delighted to be tasting it while hanging out in the evening sun!

The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous in Vienna — high of 22° C — so there will be plenty of hangin’ around outdoors.


I am loving the Sunday morning feeling of having gotten up early, and having that first cup of joe.

Yesterday afternoon I had coffee with a dear friend at Naschmarkt, who pointed out this political statement hanging over our heads, literally. It must so often go unnoticed, perhaps a lot like the continuing movements in Northern Africa. Or are they?

from Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria

I like the composition of this photograph, the depth and story, with the two men standing in the foreground – illuminated by the sun – in discussion with statement overhead.

Always interested in your thoughts. Hope everybody is having a nice weekend!

Are you as excited for the weekend as I am?

It’s been a long, rough week fending off the cold and flu that everybody else seems to have picked up, and has been incapacitated by for days on end. Well, so far we’re going strong and haven’t gotten any full-blown anything.  Sign of relief. If there are two thing I would prescribe to not get sick — which obviously isn’t the flu-shot — it’s vitamin C and good food.

Earlier this week we treated our selves to a meal out at one of our local Japanese restaurants — Tokori — located in Naschmarkt. Since the weather has turned harshly cold once again, the green tea and scalding Udon soup was particularly soothing.

Japanese food seems particular fresh, and clean, and therefore healthy. That’s the kind of food that will keep you well during the winter.

The restaurant itself is a small, self-standing structure, it’s outer walls almost completely windows, which gives the space a comfortably open air.  It was our first time to this particular spot, and honestly, I think the atmosphere probably enhances the taste of the food, which is to say it’s probably not the best Japanese food in the city.

I hope everybody has an enjoyable weekend!

This is what November is looking like here in Vienna.

This weekend: Listening to the radio and enjoying crêpes at a favorite brunch spot: home (there is a sweet place on our street however; The Breakfast Club).  People watching and window shopping at Naschmarkt and Mariahilferstrasse. Looking for more signs of how autumn will progress. Playing with our cameras. Walking a lot. Biking for miles to enjoy a delicious meal of farmer’s goulash.

What a lovely weekend it has turned out to be. We had yesterday, Friday, off work, and ended up doing all our productive errands, so today we just ended up chilling around Naschmarkt and perusing strange items at the flea-market there.

On our way around the market, we noticed this lovely gathering of people eating – both in establishment and otherwise – and listening to jazz music from an unknown source. It was quite lovely, so we joined for a falafel wrap.

New amateur graffiti that caught my eye and made me smile. Perhaps “Meet here” would be an appropriate title.

We are lucky to have Naschmarkt right around the corner from where we live. Located at the Wienzeile over what used to be a river, it is about 1,5 kilometers long. The market has existed since the 16th century and every Saturday it extends further down the Wienzeile, where a flea market takes place. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s closed on Sundays.

Not only does Naschmarkt have amazing fruits and vegetables throughout the week, but they also sell breads, honey, sauces, eggs, cheeses, meats, hummus, herbs and yogurts… and sauerkraut! There are also a lot of small restaurants which offer kebab, sushi, fish, seafood, traditional Viennese food, and stalls which offer clothes and accessories. I am talking pretty much everything…

Here are pictures from our brisk and sunny Saturday afternoon at the farmer’s market.

Edible flowers.

Plums are in season. Aren’t the ones above gorgeous little jewels? We’ve already eaten them all…

Later in the day it is possible to negotiate a better price

One thing we love about any farmer’s market is seeing all the beautiful colors and textures.

My tote could barely handle the weight

Well, welcome back to the working week, and we hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!

Fresh from the farmer’s market today…

Some images from the market to come…

We finally made it to our favorite flower girl and her stall at Naschmarkt (naschen in German means to nibble — isn’t that great?). The daylight was gray, but it made the colors of the flowers appear so much brighter. Sunflowers and lilies, roses and daisies… then you have the bushes and shrubs and foliage to accompany — pretty much all you could ask for, from this perfect little stall.

The stall is located at the farmer’s-market-end of Naschmarkt (Kettenbrückengasse), next to the vendor with the crates of apples and pears who makes sure to leave between noon and 1pm (and for some reason we always manage to get there just at 1:05pm…).  The other flower vendor at the farmer’s market is dull in comparison to “our” flower stall, but a good backup for weekdays are the two stands (owned by the same couple) between Schleifmühlgasse and the Secession.


Details… The choice this time was autumn red and yellow flowers …


The spread.


Love to talk flowers …

Today is Monday and we’ve survived a zombie-Halloween weekend. The flower girl has long since gone away, yet the flowers from the market are a nice contribution to the living room table.

By the way, we’re looking for a toasty blanket to cosy up in now that the chilly weather is here. One or two for the living room, and one for the bedroom. If you have any ideas of where to get a wool (or otherwise) blanket in Vienner, let us know.