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It’s Thursday — hope the week is going well for everybody!

Often we head down to Naschmarkt in the evenings after work. It’s an open-air market where we usually food shop, and occasionally stop for a glass of wine. This being somewhat of a necessity after the 25-minute train-ride — yes, I’m being slightly facetious.

We live next door, which is not to say that the atmosphere has become dull and monotonous, rather that we find it comforting and nigh. It’s old-worldy, too! Check out the brass bar stool in the background below.

As we passed one of our favorite wine-vendors, the owner called to us to try a new wine!

This week he’s serving a fresh 2010 Grüner Veltliner — young and… — and we were more than delighted to be tasting it while hanging out in the evening sun!

The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous in Vienna — high of 22° C — so there will be plenty of hangin’ around outdoors.


Friday is upon us, and I’m stoked for a birthday weekend! We have been nesting lately; being back from all the compulsory traveling over the holidays, spending time at home feels nice. We have also been looking to our globe, wondering where we’ll end up next. So, it’s a bit of a ‘Fictitious Friday’; perhaps we would be journeying down into Africa on a wild safari, or riding camels through the desert. Aren’t these the kind of things you imagine when looking at an atlas, globe or map?

My better half found this cute vintage cabinet for €20 at a place called Caritas (basically the Austrian version of Goodwill) a few days ago. I met her at the shop, and we ended up carrying it all the way home…

We were looking for this exact one (well…) to match the would-be contents.

We also wanted to mention that we’re looking for thoughtful decoration arrangements to photograph, so if you want to see us and show something off, let us know!

Happy Monday!

I know many of you dread the start of the work week… or at least grumble a small amount as you reach to snooze the alarm. You’re not alone, though this morning we’ve decided to share some of the fun we find in our commute, and want to ask you to share yours with us.

We’re also planning a revamp, re-style of our blog, and we’ll be sure to let you know how it’s developing.

What are your plans for the week? What are you excited about?

What a lovely weekend it has turned out to be. We had yesterday, Friday, off work, and ended up doing all our productive errands, so today we just ended up chilling around Naschmarkt and perusing strange items at the flea-market there.

On our way around the market, we noticed this lovely gathering of people eating – both in establishment and otherwise – and listening to jazz music from an unknown source. It was quite lovely, so we joined for a falafel wrap.

New amateur graffiti that caught my eye and made me smile. Perhaps “Meet here” would be an appropriate title.