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Good afternoon friends!

We went a-walkin’ in the sun recently and came upon this magic moment. Throughout Karlsplatz park lively accordion waltz was audible — ringing through the air and bouncing from building to building — and pleasing passers-by.

This little one came running up to the accordionist and stopped, right in front of him, and stood there listening for quite some time. The moment seemed magical as the child’s eyes lit up with intrigue; you could see some of the first musical inspiration entering his mind.

And the accordionist was sure enough quite interesting, too!

Hope you are all having a nice week!


The night fell, and we left the tone-deaf punk singer singing back on Schleifmühlgasse; we had heard there might be a better concert at Karlsplatz.

It turned out the soundcheck that had taken place that morning was for the following day. Alas, there was no live music there; instead, we, a group of seven or so friends, enjoyed the warmth of the night for a while then moved on back to Café Amacord where we saw a great (no name) duo wailing on an electric guitar and a synthesizer and harmonica.