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Hope everybody’s Mondays are going well so far!

The highlight of our weekend was getting out for a long hike. Twenty minutes into the bus-ride heading out of the city, we realized that there is still a good amount of snow on the ground elsewhere. In town it has all but melted away.

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It was a long, rewarding hike – good company and plenty of laughter – and the way giant snowflakes clumped onto the tree branches was particularly beautiful!


It has been really busy. It is Sunday evening and I am rather tired, so I won’t write much. But, I will share some photos with you from this weekend. We’ve had the first dusting of snow, been around good friends, eaten good food (leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner this past Thursday), visited the Swedish holiday bazaar and went to see the movie Gainsbourg (vie héroïque) at Votiv Kino.

It is still snowing lightly tonight. I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

I am at work today, but having to go home in a few hours to help prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. We are having friends over and last night we set the very long dinner table. How exciting!

This is another view from my work window, overlooking Vienna. I guess I am daydreaming here for a little while, thinking about what I am grateful for.

Have a delicious holiday!

What a lovely weekend it has turned out to be. We had yesterday, Friday, off work, and ended up doing all our productive errands, so today we just ended up chilling around Naschmarkt and perusing strange items at the flea-market there.

On our way around the market, we noticed this lovely gathering of people eating – both in establishment and otherwise – and listening to jazz music from an unknown source. It was quite lovely, so we joined for a falafel wrap.

New amateur graffiti that caught my eye and made me smile. Perhaps “Meet here” would be an appropriate title.

Blankets and napkins in the color of summer. Bread and cheese, oven-baked salmon, pasta salad and locally made wine purchased at the farmer’s market. It was a warm summer night and we stayed way past the dark had set in.

Thank you to good friends.

One of our recent adventures while in Oregon was out to the Coast, to an extraordinary estuary called Whalen Island. We camped there for five days, nearly completely isolated from the scurrying societies we know too well. Here are some shots and descriptions:

the coast

The vastness of the Oregon sky with a low-tide beach at Whalen Island. During low tide, we crossed through the river out to the Pacific Ocean, where the water was, at the more shallow point, just above knee level. During some of the crossings, the girls had to be carried across as to avoid getting too soaked.

banjo & guitar

Music is always part of our adventures. Here, a banjo, guitar and good friends begin a long venture of music that lasted well into the night.


As the sun set, the tide was on its way back in. During high tide, the rivers surrounding the “island” become lake-like and much deeper. It isn’t until the middle of the night that low tide returns, and we were able to venture out into the water-soaked sand to look for phosphorescence, or the emission of light by bioluminescent plankton, in this case.

adventuringLong hikes down the beach and in the passing Coastal Mountain Range, brought a refreshing sense of self in relation to the nature that surrounds us all.

Sun, water, mist, wind and the sand beneath our feet, was part of our long days of venturing. The coastline seems never ending. Once back at the campsite after a long days trek, we would get the fire started and dinner was underway. Corn, tacos, guacamole one night, and salmon or sausages on others. We never got tired of it.

Every now and then we would head out to an ocean side restaurant for some delicious clam chowder. The trip made us realize how much we have to appreciate in life.