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The Flohmarkt spans the parking lot adjacent to Vienna’s Naschmarkt every Saturday morning and afternoon. On the multiple vendor tables, marketgoers find a plethora of antiques and a few bargain-priced castaways.

Some popular items include traditional hats, aged leather clothing, retro toys, and a wide array of furniture and home decor articles. Other items are books, clothes, records, ancient electrical goods, old postcards, ornaments, carpets and quite frankly, more than could ever be mentioned here – including what many would consider junk.

Tools, porcelain decorations and a clock

New and old hotel soaps from all over the world.

Some of the stuff that appears on these blankets is downright curious. One should also note that the dealers are usually prepared to haggle, and we encourage it.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


We are lucky to have Naschmarkt right around the corner from where we live. Located at the Wienzeile over what used to be a river, it is about 1,5 kilometers long. The market has existed since the 16th century and every Saturday it extends further down the Wienzeile, where a flea market takes place. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s closed on Sundays.

Not only does Naschmarkt have amazing fruits and vegetables throughout the week, but they also sell breads, honey, sauces, eggs, cheeses, meats, hummus, herbs and yogurts… and sauerkraut! There are also a lot of small restaurants which offer kebab, sushi, fish, seafood, traditional Viennese food, and stalls which offer clothes and accessories. I am talking pretty much everything…

Here are pictures from our brisk and sunny Saturday afternoon at the farmer’s market.

Edible flowers.

Plums are in season. Aren’t the ones above gorgeous little jewels? We’ve already eaten them all…

Later in the day it is possible to negotiate a better price

One thing we love about any farmer’s market is seeing all the beautiful colors and textures.

My tote could barely handle the weight

Well, welcome back to the working week, and we hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!