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The thing about arts and crafts, is that they have a real unique quality that cannot otherwise be found in the mass consumer and materialistic normalcy of holiday shopping. For this reason, we are seeking more authentic and aesthetically enjoyable gifts for giving. We are almost certain that the recipients will be more pleased.

Another place we visited yesterday was the Christmas Market, or Weihnachtsmarkt, at Spittelberg. This cozy eighth district of Vienna is breathtaking, especially this time of year. The crisp airs seems to accentuate the colors around you, making the blues and whites of the sky and snow clash with the warm colors of the wood and fire, and even faces.


It is cold and rainy in Vienna at the moment. We are also very busy with work, but here are some bright images from the archives, the colors and places do most of the talking from this trip down Memory Lane.

Red Play-doh creation

White coming home

Caught by a summer rainstorm in gray hues

Turquoise Buddhist burial site

Pink wig at autumn harvest festivities

So fresh and so green after rain

Bare skin on the sidewalk on a spring afternoon


We are lucky to have Naschmarkt right around the corner from where we live. Located at the Wienzeile over what used to be a river, it is about 1,5 kilometers long. The market has existed since the 16th century and every Saturday it extends further down the Wienzeile, where a flea market takes place. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s closed on Sundays.

Not only does Naschmarkt have amazing fruits and vegetables throughout the week, but they also sell breads, honey, sauces, eggs, cheeses, meats, hummus, herbs and yogurts… and sauerkraut! There are also a lot of small restaurants which offer kebab, sushi, fish, seafood, traditional Viennese food, and stalls which offer clothes and accessories. I am talking pretty much everything…

Here are pictures from our brisk and sunny Saturday afternoon at the farmer’s market.

Edible flowers.

Plums are in season. Aren’t the ones above gorgeous little jewels? We’ve already eaten them all…

Later in the day it is possible to negotiate a better price

One thing we love about any farmer’s market is seeing all the beautiful colors and textures.

My tote could barely handle the weight

Well, welcome back to the working week, and we hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!

I have spent the last few days in the small town where my folks live.

I take walks, think about life, simplicity, colors. I took these photos, walking around listening to the distant thunder of the day’s thunderstorm. Aren’t the colors amazing?

A few hours later, after the passing thunder and rain, there were clothes hanging there, and a well used blanket.

I believe he makes sure the garden gives a lot of fruit and vegetables.

A well manicured garden patch.

The small and only hotel in town. It looked closed.

The neighbor had a visitor.

The lawyer’s office. I could hear the radio, playing a stage theater performance.

Thanks for stopping by. I am headed out again to brave the heat and to take more pictures. Hope you will all have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to see the colors.