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I would have started with a witty recount of how the two photographers met – I’ve heard it was in Britain, but that’s as far as I can expound. So I’ll tell you what I do know. World renowned British photographer, Martin Parr, has joined Lithuanian photographer Rimaldas Viksraitis, to produce a splendid collection of hyper-real – teetering on absurd – photographs.

A man and woman in discussion, Viksraitis’ work behind

Titled the Real World, the exhibit is on display at the Anzenberger Gallery, where we attended the vernissage. The composition of the two sets of photographs vis-à-vis one-another forms a remarkable collection; Parr’s photographs appear vibrantly colored next to Viksraitis’ high-contrast black-and-white images.

The exhibit will be showing through May, though for those who didn’t attend the opening night, both photographers have already left town.

Further reading can be found in German in the daily, Der Standard.


Despite the country’s financial hardship, Ireland’s capital seems to be abuzz, with a kind of spring in its step that you’d expect to find as winter comes to an end. And as we stepped off the plane and were greeted with friendly smiles, you would have hardly been able to guess that they’d just been the latest recipients in the sequence of EU bailouts, a result of a crippling economic collapse.

The streets were full of locals and tourists, out and about to experience the turn in weather – the sun was in and out, but the air was warm with the season. Speaking to locals however, one received a startling hint at what kind of shape the economy is in.

Despite any looming difficulties, the city was bustling, and our adventures throughout the city led to many treasures; cafés, bustling openair markets and funky interactions with locals. On Saturday night, we got ourselves together for one of the main reasons for the trip: the Ray Lamontagne concert at the Olympia Theatre! And, despite Ray’s generally melancholic disposition, the sound and music was phenomenal.

On Sunday, we rented a car and got out of the city, heading southwest. Highlights from more of the trip to come!

Good afternoon friends!

We went a-walkin’ in the sun recently and came upon this magic moment. Throughout Karlsplatz park lively accordion waltz was audible — ringing through the air and bouncing from building to building — and pleasing passers-by.

This little one came running up to the accordionist and stopped, right in front of him, and stood there listening for quite some time. The moment seemed magical as the child’s eyes lit up with intrigue; you could see some of the first musical inspiration entering his mind.

And the accordionist was sure enough quite interesting, too!

Hope you are all having a nice week!

We’re half-way done with another workday, and half-way to the weekend.

We’ve decided that it’s time for a breather. What’s better than taking a short break from work to check out some nice imagery?

Universität Wien, via

Museumsplatz, Wien, via

Well, hope you’re enjoying your week, and looking forward to the weekend! Let us know what you’re looking forward to!

Sunday afternoon–lots of sun. It was warm outside, and we went for a walk along the Donaukanal. We felt invigorated by the things we saw around the city. We walked for hours, but took a break by a hut surrounded by beach chairs on the canal boardwalk. There we enjoyed Sturm, a fermenting, unfiltered, young wine. This is the bright autumn we are used to.

I wanted to post pictures of autumn light, but I think it will have to wait…

I think these images appeal to me because these tones are so Vienna right now. The images are taken late in the evening after dark, but they also compliment this gray, rainy weather we’ve been having. I must say, I’m used to an autumn full of color and golden light, but these photos speak to my experience this month in Austria. Maybe I should try to shoot black & white next instead.

Once home in the warmth, curl up in the sofa with hot tea and listen to Ray LaMontage’s latest album, especially the track “New York City is killing me.” Or another one of my favorites is Iron and Wine.

The season is changing into autumn and autumnal equinox has just passed us by.

I am looking forward to deep colors and to feel the crispness that is so common in the autumns I’ve lived.

Because of certain events in my life lately, I think about this change of season as a new start. With each new season, there is the possibility to stop and think and to focus on the good things in life. I like to explore, to see and to experience life in its fullest. And I am looking forward to spend a whole day outside and come home exhausted from the autumn air.

Photograph courtesy of unido.

A friend recently told me about her tomatoes.  She was surprised to find that even without watering, they grew. Momentum is awe some.

Hope everybody has great weekend!

It is cold and rainy in Vienna at the moment. We are also very busy with work, but here are some bright images from the archives, the colors and places do most of the talking from this trip down Memory Lane.

Red Play-doh creation

White coming home

Caught by a summer rainstorm in gray hues

Turquoise Buddhist burial site

Pink wig at autumn harvest festivities

So fresh and so green after rain

Bare skin on the sidewalk on a spring afternoon