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Hello friends, and good Thursday afternoon!

We took a short hiatus (or long weekend, depending on how you want to look at it) to Ireland on Friday night. We landed in Dublin, and from there, scoured the country for several days. Here are some teaser images.

Land and sea below

At Dublin International Airport, miniature

We’ll have a travel recap over the weekend with lots of stunning photographs! Hope everybody is getting through the week alright! See you soon!


Happy Friday/the weekend is here! Hope everybody is looking forward to it!

Random image, and wondering about the origin of the thought which became this sticker. It’s funny how we perceive usefulness — what is useful, what is not — all the while creating art and other things that satisfy some intrinsic urge to do so. So strange.

But where is the scandal? That vintage bike is almost a scandal… I digress.

I have been thinking about how we, people, spend our time, and about our awareness of what we’re doing. The thought was sparked by a cartoon I came across not long ago, which pertained to how we get sucked into staring at a computer all day — or at least some of us.

While so much of the time we just don’t have a choice, I’m making a weekend resolution to distance myself from non-productive activities around the interwebs. Fortunately it won’t be difficult since we’ll be busy with guests tomorrow, and cleaning beforehand. We’ll see about Sunday, but getting out for an adventure might just be more enticing!

Yesterday we went to the International Bazaar held by the local chapter of the United Nations Women’s Guild annually here in Vienna, Austria.

On the top floor of the bazaar there are booths from around the world, with handmade arts and crafts from each country or region of the world. Doesn’t that already sound lovely? But wait. When you head downstairs, you find yourself in a room twice the size, filled with stands serving food from each of the countries represented upstairs. Live music and tons of people to accompany, all with the same international background. How fun!

One our way back into the city, we caught the last of the sun falling behind the Vienna International Centre’s modern structures.

Last Friday we traveled to beautiful Paris.

Walking around, looking up, I remembered how I kept my grandmother’s Latin and art books, and journals in her handwriting. Some cookbooks and recipes, too. Some were even in French.

Gayngs is the music that suits these scenes.

Well, a week has passed, and today is Halloween! Boohhhaaha! Enjoy!

What a lovely weekend it has turned out to be. We had yesterday, Friday, off work, and ended up doing all our productive errands, so today we just ended up chilling around Naschmarkt and perusing strange items at the flea-market there.

On our way around the market, we noticed this lovely gathering of people eating – both in establishment and otherwise – and listening to jazz music from an unknown source. It was quite lovely, so we joined for a falafel wrap.

New amateur graffiti that caught my eye and made me smile. Perhaps “Meet here” would be an appropriate title.

A few nights ago, when it was still in the warmth of summer, we went out for dinner. Well, we often go out for dinner but this night in particular, it was a last minute decision. We ended up at Kunsthalle Café, which is a restaurant in the front, with a sprawling outdoor patio that spills onto the lawn, plus a gallery in the back.

The atmosphere rings simple, refined, artsy. There are DJs every evening, and the food’s good too. Especially the burger, they say. (The kicker is the mango chutney, but that’s another story). A specialty non-alcoholic drink is fresh ginger-infused lemonade – served in a large carafe with mint leaves. You almost can’t go wrong with just that, except the mood chills you out and often is inviting for an all around affordable (and quality) glass of wine, beer, or cocktail.

The outdoor seating is quite nice. Not just nice, but really lovely because they don’t close down at 11pm like so many other places in the hood. It isn’t surrounded by residential buildings, so it’ll stay open late into the night.

If summer show itself again this year, take in the art, then listen to the DJ spinning as the sun sets over Vienna. If it doesn’t, I’m sure there will be plenty going on in the cool, sunny autumn evenings.

The night fell, and we left the tone-deaf punk singer singing back on Schleifmühlgasse; we had heard there might be a better concert at Karlsplatz.

It turned out the soundcheck that had taken place that morning was for the following day. Alas, there was no live music there; instead, we, a group of seven or so friends, enjoyed the warmth of the night for a while then moved on back to Café Amacord where we saw a great (no name) duo wailing on an electric guitar and a synthesizer and harmonica.