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The thing about arts and crafts, is that they have a real unique quality that cannot otherwise be found in the mass consumer and materialistic normalcy of holiday shopping. For this reason, we are seeking more authentic and aesthetically enjoyable gifts for giving. We are almost certain that the recipients will be more pleased.

Another place we visited yesterday was the Christmas Market, or Weihnachtsmarkt, at Spittelberg. This cozy eighth district of Vienna is breathtaking, especially this time of year. The crisp airs seems to accentuate the colors around you, making the blues and whites of the sky and snow clash with the warm colors of the wood and fire, and even faces.


The season is changing into autumn and autumnal equinox has just passed us by.

I am looking forward to deep colors and to feel the crispness that is so common in the autumns I’ve lived.

Because of certain events in my life lately, I think about this change of season as a new start. With each new season, there is the possibility to stop and think and to focus on the good things in life. I like to explore, to see and to experience life in its fullest. And I am looking forward to spend a whole day outside and come home exhausted from the autumn air.

Photograph courtesy of unido.

A friend recently told me about her tomatoes.  She was surprised to find that even without watering, they grew. Momentum is awe some.

Hope everybody has great weekend!