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Hey! As many of you will have seen, we recently took a trip (well, back in March) to Ireland. We had a great time, but also took some time to capture some film footage. We’ve put it together here in this short piece. We hope you all enjoy!


Have a great week!


Hi everyone. It is raining outside on this Easter Monday. A soft summer rain, turning the nature very green now.

I was walking to the trainstation on Argentinierstrasse in Vienna, admiring the nature around me, looking at large trees hanging over me when I turned and saw this:

On the other side of the street; these eyes watching. A series of art, one oil painting and two other collages.

I was fascinated by the messages: “Poverty and opulence” and “Self control.” Thoughts to consider on an Easter Monday.

The trip between Dublin and Dingle starts out flying down the motorway toward Limerick, and slowly down-paces from there on out. Dingle, an Daingean in Irish, was a recommendation of several locals before leaving the capital, and caught our attention when described as a quaint fishing town on one of the furthest southwestern points of the island. We were sold.

We hit the road – driving on the left side of the road for the first time soon became second nature – and were met with picturesque rural lanscapes and fresh perspective.

At each pitstop, we encountered the same utterances of financial instability and hardship, yet never came across a dimmed sense of hospitality or unfriendliness. When we mentioned living in Vienna, there were expressions of awe, which sparked reflection over and appreciation of the standard of living that we enjoy from day to day in the city we call home.

The closer we grew to the peninsula, the narrower our path became. Hills started to become small mountains and the lines dividing traffic all but disappeared. We rolled into town as the sun set, found a friendly innkeeper with reasonable prices, and went out for the freshest fish and chips either of us had tasted.

As dawn broke, we rose to the little town we’d been promised. It was sunny. Being March – clearly the off season – the town’s folk were hibernating, but we welcomed the silence as a cue to take it easy.

After our third full Irish breakfast, we went out to discover the beauty of the Slea Head, the rest of the Dingle Peninsula, and eventually head north toward Galway.

Despite the country’s financial hardship, Ireland’s capital seems to be abuzz, with a kind of spring in its step that you’d expect to find as winter comes to an end. And as we stepped off the plane and were greeted with friendly smiles, you would have hardly been able to guess that they’d just been the latest recipients in the sequence of EU bailouts, a result of a crippling economic collapse.

The streets were full of locals and tourists, out and about to experience the turn in weather – the sun was in and out, but the air was warm with the season. Speaking to locals however, one received a startling hint at what kind of shape the economy is in.

Despite any looming difficulties, the city was bustling, and our adventures throughout the city led to many treasures; cafés, bustling openair markets and funky interactions with locals. On Saturday night, we got ourselves together for one of the main reasons for the trip: the Ray Lamontagne concert at the Olympia Theatre! And, despite Ray’s generally melancholic disposition, the sound and music was phenomenal.

On Sunday, we rented a car and got out of the city, heading southwest. Highlights from more of the trip to come!

This must symbolize something.

What do you think?

The first Friday in a new month and the cold of winter is holding on. Hope everybody is hanging in there, and ready for the weekend!

We’ve had a busy week at work, and are really looking forward to some projects, and brainstorming.

Have an excellent weekend!

Hope everybody’s Mondays are going well so far!

The highlight of our weekend was getting out for a long hike. Twenty minutes into the bus-ride heading out of the city, we realized that there is still a good amount of snow on the ground elsewhere. In town it has all but melted away.

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It was a long, rewarding hike – good company and plenty of laughter – and the way giant snowflakes clumped onto the tree branches was particularly beautiful!

This weekend we took the chance to spend some time in Vienna’s city center. The temperatures had dropped significantly (after warmer days), so after leaving the house, we were pretty quickly contemplating somewhere cozy to duck into.

The national library was the first thing that came to mind, but it was mysteriously ‘full’ (don’t ask), so we opted for a coffee. Just behind the Hofburg Palace in which the national library is housed, there are old royal greenhouses in which now exist a butterfly museum and a café, the Palmenhaus.

The atmosphere is welcoming and it turned out to be just the right temperature inside.

So far this winter, we’ve been waking up to one of the following meteorologic attributes: hazy, gauzy, foggy, gray, cloudy, rainy or misty, or white from tons of snow, but suddenly it has warmed up and this weekend Vienna is filled with sunshine and a light 12°C breeze.

The sun doesn’t feel as warm as one would hope, and the wind doesn’t let off, yet the weather feels slightly off for mid-January. It evokes the feeling of autumn, aside from the bare trees, as well as reflection on the nature of winter darkness.

This photograph is from the archives, but makes me reflect over where we are and where we are going.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Innsbruck, Austria

Paris, France

Paris, France

Tulln, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Out our window, Vienna

Modra, Slovakia

Silverton, Oregon

Overlooking Manzanita, Oregon & the Pacific Ocean

Foothills surrounding Modra, Slovakia

Vineyards in Modra, Slovakia

Prater in Vienna, Austria

This past year, we have watched the early spring sky settle in, we have biked in the rain, reached out for the summer sun shining in its yellow glory, buried our hands in the colors of autumn and listened to the snow fall through the night, piling up in drifts.

While walking in the woods, it has been silent, aside from the rush of the wind and rustle of trees. While in the mountains or on the beach, it has been icy cold, unbearably warm or very windy.

There’s nothing better than truly living with the seasons and embracing the weather they bring. I think we have lived well.

And listen to this great band from Seattle:  The Head and the Heart. Sing along and kick it.

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do?