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Hey! As many of you will have seen, we recently took a trip (well, back in March) to Ireland. We had a great time, but also took some time to capture some film footage. We’ve put it together here in this short piece. We hope you all enjoy!


Have a great week!


Yesterday, I spent a great day in the city of Linz. After walking around for most of day in very cold April weather (one of those days), I tagged along with my friend to the OK Kulturhaus in the city center for the opening of the six-day long film festival Crossing Europe.

Press accreditation and information room for guests

Most Austrians are familiar with the annual film festival Viennale. It draws a public from all around the world and goes on for one month. A smaller version of the Viennale, and perhaps a bit less known, is Crossing Europe.

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This year is the festival’s eighth year, but the genre stays the same, devoted to idiosyncratic, contemporary and socio-political auteur cinema from Europe.

Guests of the film industry (nearly 600 accredited festival participants) and the local cinema audience are able to choose from a program with 130 hand-picked films, documentaries and short films.

Linz views

The opening night was filled to the brim with the press, photographers and other guests, being welcomed to the program, the jury and the guest of honor, Austrian film producer gone Hollywood, Eric Pleskow. He is the former president of United Artists and Orion Pictures, and during the hight of his career the film One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest (1976) under the ownership of United Artists, won an Oscar.

Eric Pleskow (sitting) is greeted by a very (and I mean very) excited event organizer

Before the first screening of the festival, the co-organizer OK Kulturhaus invited guests to enjoy the traditional Austrian meal knödel and sauerkraut and a cold beer to splash it down.

It has been really busy. It is Sunday evening and I am rather tired, so I won’t write much. But, I will share some photos with you from this weekend. We’ve had the first dusting of snow, been around good friends, eaten good food (leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner this past Thursday), visited the Swedish holiday bazaar and went to see the movie Gainsbourg (vie héroïque) at Votiv Kino.

It is still snowing lightly tonight. I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

Late on this February evening, we were walking in the quiet , empty, snowed-blanketed streets in our neighborhood. We talked about this and that, and about the movie we had just seen at the Film museum directed by Luis Buñuel, as part of the series titled Golden Age: Mexican Cinema, 1930 – 1954.

I also reflected on how I used to walk my dog in the park late every night and early each morning, and how nice it was to enjoy those silent moments together.

It had started snowing lightly again at 6, right before we went in to see the film; by the time we left the cinema the world was once again dusted in white. The comfortable, soft rhythm of walking in the snow felt good. It was so nice to move slowly and be together and enjoy our life.