Happy Friday/the weekend is here! Hope everybody is looking forward to it!

Random image, and wondering about the origin of the thought which became this sticker. It’s funny how we perceive usefulness — what is useful, what is not — all the while creating art and other things that satisfy some intrinsic urge to do so. So strange.

But where is the scandal? That vintage bike is almost a scandal… I digress.

I have been thinking about how we, people, spend our time, and about our awareness of what we’re doing. The thought was sparked by a cartoon I came across not long ago, which pertained to how we get sucked into staring at a computer all day — or at least some of us.

While so much of the time we just don’t have a choice, I’m making a weekend resolution to distance myself from non-productive activities around the interwebs. Fortunately it won’t be difficult since we’ll be busy with guests tomorrow, and cleaning beforehand. We’ll see about Sunday, but getting out for an adventure might just be more enticing!