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I am loving the Sunday morning feeling of having gotten up early, and having that first cup of joe.

Yesterday afternoon I had coffee with a dear friend at Naschmarkt, who pointed out this political statement hanging over our heads, literally. It must so often go unnoticed, perhaps a lot like the continuing movements in Northern Africa. Or are they?

from Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria

I like the composition of this photograph, the depth and story, with the two men standing in the foreground – illuminated by the sun – in discussion with statement overhead.

Always interested in your thoughts. Hope everybody is having a nice weekend!


Hello friends! I have to say, it took some time for my eye to catch onto this detail. Here’s how my thoughts unraveled:

Oh look, they added a new symbol for the disabled… Strange how it overlaps the surveillance sign – what poor design.

They’re usually so good about design, why would they do that?

It must be an important sign.

What is it?

Oh, I see…!

This is apparently done by a street artist here in Vienna after a young couple were caught copulating on the subway. Crude. You can google the video yourself if you’re interested.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! See you soon!

Welcome back to a new week!

Early Saturday morning, I went walking in a small Slovak town, where I was visiting my parents. I was not planning to photograph anything in particular, but in the end, ended up taking shots of storefronts and signs. All of what you will see below is from the main strip in town, which is about 200 meters long.

What occurred to me was that there was an amazing array of typography.  I do not know what typefaces they are, but take a look at the variety of these wonderful specimens. There are a lot of alternatives and flourishes, ranging from fat and curvy serif, to thin, modern and relevant sans-serif. Or how about character and personality, loud and expressive, or the quality in well chosen proportions and a well balanced ensemble — timeless.

A while ago we were wandering around Vienna and came across some other interesting typefaces.

I just love letterforms, and when thinking about using various types I would usually want to attempt to express that. I appreciate a type design where there is an element of something that demonstrates a passion and flair for the subject, versatility and craftsmanship.

Do you have a favorite here?

Are you as excited for the weekend as I am?

It’s been a long, rough week fending off the cold and flu that everybody else seems to have picked up, and has been incapacitated by for days on end. Well, so far we’re going strong and haven’t gotten any full-blown anything.  Sign of relief. If there are two thing I would prescribe to not get sick — which obviously isn’t the flu-shot — it’s vitamin C and good food.

Earlier this week we treated our selves to a meal out at one of our local Japanese restaurants — Tokori — located in Naschmarkt. Since the weather has turned harshly cold once again, the green tea and scalding Udon soup was particularly soothing.

Japanese food seems particular fresh, and clean, and therefore healthy. That’s the kind of food that will keep you well during the winter.

The restaurant itself is a small, self-standing structure, it’s outer walls almost completely windows, which gives the space a comfortably open air.  It was our first time to this particular spot, and honestly, I think the atmosphere probably enhances the taste of the food, which is to say it’s probably not the best Japanese food in the city.

I hope everybody has an enjoyable weekend!

This must symbolize something.

What do you think?

Happy Monday/V day/welcome back to work!

There’s something incredibly aesthetically pleasing about receiving mail via snail-mail! Perhaps it’s leftover nostalgia from childhood, when you went to check whether the post had delivered anything other than advertisements. And back then, often times they did.

But it doesn’t work if there’s nobody sending things… it’s a give and take situation. So I’m inclined to send a hand-written letter from time to time, just to fill that void. Valentine’s day is a good time to remind others – not only a partner – that you are thinking of them.

This is a design that I came up with a couple weeks ago.

Do you enjoy sending and receiving snail-mail? What time of the year inspires you to do so?

Happy Friday/the weekend is here! Hope everybody is looking forward to it!

Random image, and wondering about the origin of the thought which became this sticker. It’s funny how we perceive usefulness — what is useful, what is not — all the while creating art and other things that satisfy some intrinsic urge to do so. So strange.

But where is the scandal? That vintage bike is almost a scandal… I digress.

I have been thinking about how we, people, spend our time, and about our awareness of what we’re doing. The thought was sparked by a cartoon I came across not long ago, which pertained to how we get sucked into staring at a computer all day — or at least some of us.

While so much of the time we just don’t have a choice, I’m making a weekend resolution to distance myself from non-productive activities around the interwebs. Fortunately it won’t be difficult since we’ll be busy with guests tomorrow, and cleaning beforehand. We’ll see about Sunday, but getting out for an adventure might just be more enticing!

Our good friends, Allison and Florian, are getting married. I was asked if I would like to join them to visit a wedding photographer named Stephan Rauch — nick named “the happiness catcher” — who was having an open house.

As an aspiring photographer, I have been contemplating what it would be like to photograph weddings for a living. I admit, I have a little ways to go.

What we encountered were some stunning images, and as one might suspect, we were bombarded by ever-joyous moments and faces, from every corner of the world.

But almost more inspiring than the photography itself was the way the space engaged you: high ceilings and enormous windows, all the while being surrounded by large images projected on the walls.

At some point during the winter, everybody gets antsy. Part of it can be tracked back to the post-December holiday syndrome, while often times it’s simply due to the overwhelming amount of gray – from gray skies and cityscapes, to the increasingly monotonous gray-tone inspired wardrobe.

Hence the creeping travel bug.

But what to do about it? Scope out some travel options and make plans, even if it’s only for a weekend trip… and of course it’s always helpful to revisit photographs from previous trips.

Spring in Barcelona is remarkable. While the Mediterranean may not be quite warm enough to take a dip (though last year one friend from Boston managed), the breeze is warm, and the colors replenish your spirit.

Do you have any travel plans?

The first Friday in a new month and the cold of winter is holding on. Hope everybody is hanging in there, and ready for the weekend!

We’ve had a busy week at work, and are really looking forward to some projects, and brainstorming.

Have an excellent weekend!