Friday is upon us, and I’m stoked for a birthday weekend! We have been nesting lately; being back from all the compulsory traveling over the holidays, spending time at home feels nice. We have also been looking to our globe, wondering where we’ll end up next. So, it’s a bit of a ‘Fictitious Friday’; perhaps we would be journeying down into Africa on a wild safari, or riding camels through the desert. Aren’t these the kind of things you imagine when looking at an atlas, globe or map?

My better half found this cute vintage cabinet for €20 at a place called Caritas (basically the Austrian version of Goodwill) a few days ago. I met her at the shop, and we ended up carrying it all the way home…

We were looking for this exact one (well…) to match the would-be contents.

We also wanted to mention that we’re looking for thoughtful decoration arrangements to photograph, so if you want to see us and show something off, let us know!