Innsbruck, Austria

Paris, France

Paris, France

Tulln, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Out our window, Vienna

Modra, Slovakia

Silverton, Oregon

Overlooking Manzanita, Oregon & the Pacific Ocean

Foothills surrounding Modra, Slovakia

Vineyards in Modra, Slovakia

Prater in Vienna, Austria

This past year, we have watched the early spring sky settle in, we have biked in the rain, reached out for the summer sun shining in its yellow glory, buried our hands in the colors of autumn and listened to the snow fall through the night, piling up in drifts.

While walking in the woods, it has been silent, aside from the rush of the wind and rustle of trees. While in the mountains or on the beach, it has been icy cold, unbearably warm or very windy.

There’s nothing better than truly living with the seasons and embracing the weather they bring. I think we have lived well.

And listen to this great band from Seattle:  The Head and the Heart. Sing along and kick it.

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do?