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Over the past few days, we’ve been seeing the first snow of the year in Vienna. The intrigue of the changing seasons, the holidays around the corner, and the biting air as you leave the house to meet the day, all embrace us as December nears. This time of year, the homeless guy that usually sleeps on the benches outside our living-room window has found a new home. I suspect he’s headed south to Sicily for the winter.

The thin layer of snow on the sidewalk seems like a theatre for the feet that come and go beneath the window sill.


It has been really busy. It is Sunday evening and I am rather tired, so I won’t write much. But, I will share some photos with you from this weekend. We’ve had the first dusting of snow, been around good friends, eaten good food (leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner this past Thursday), visited the Swedish holiday bazaar and went to see the movie Gainsbourg (vie héroïque) at Votiv Kino.

It is still snowing lightly tonight. I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

I am at work today, but having to go home in a few hours to help prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. We are having friends over and last night we set the very long dinner table. How exciting!

This is another view from my work window, overlooking Vienna. I guess I am daydreaming here for a little while, thinking about what I am grateful for.

Have a delicious holiday!

Since last year, the area of former Südbahnhof (South train station) – the major railway crossing for trains coming from Eastern and Southern Europe – has been under complete construction.

The construction of an infrastructure project of this scale has come to the attention of many people – and quite rightly so. From the very beginning of the planning phase, the project partners – Austrian Railways and the City of Vienna – have regularly kept local residents, passengers and other interested parties informed about the project.

So, an exhibition place called Bahnorama has been established as an information point for those wishing to discover and experience how such a giant construction project comes about, what lies behind it, and what to expect after its completion. How cool is that?

Bahnorama will be there for five years. It’s located at the beginning of the pedestrian precinct on Favoritenstraße in the 3rd district, at the corner of Sonnwendgasse. The tower attached to the exhibition is 66 meters tall and lifts take visitors up to a viewing platform.

Visitors get an insight into the construction work, an overview of the individual projects as well as views of the railway tracks, the new residential district, the park and the educational campus. It was very interesting to get some insight, from an urban planning point of view.

The landscape from the work window. A scene that we see five days a week; a scene that may be shrugged off because it seems so ordinary. But isn’t it fantastic?

This composition was taken first thing in the morning, overlooking what was once a marshy area and has now become a lovely summertime area to take a dip and or an autumn-time stroll to enjoy the changing season.

Click the image to enlarge.

This is what November is looking like here in Vienna.

This weekend: Listening to the radio and enjoying crêpes at a favorite brunch spot: home (there is a sweet place on our street however; The Breakfast Club).  People watching and window shopping at Naschmarkt and Mariahilferstrasse. Looking for more signs of how autumn will progress. Playing with our cameras. Walking a lot. Biking for miles to enjoy a delicious meal of farmer’s goulash.

Happy Friday!

I have to start with a reflection; the sun has been wonderful this week. The days have been strangely warm, and since we’ve changed our clocks back last weekend, the walk to the subway has had a pleasant light.

The loss of the deciduous trees’ feuillage right now not only colors the landscape fantastically, but also makes way for new ways of seeing that landscape.

The evening light has also been lovely, but more difficult to capture. Perhaps I’ll get it this weekend while rummaging around in a forest near Vienna.

What about your plans for the weekend?