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Last Friday we traveled to beautiful Paris.

Walking around, looking up, I remembered how I kept my grandmother’s Latin and art books, and journals in her handwriting. Some cookbooks and recipes, too. Some were even in French.

Gayngs is the music that suits these scenes.

Well, a week has passed, and today is Halloween! Boohhhaaha! Enjoy!


We caught the sunrise through the windows in our small flat in the Marais. Slowly, as the Earth revolves, the sun lifts its head up each day. We watched the light crawl across the wall; we were ready to take on our daily adventure.

Before we knew it, we were savoring some croissants from la boulangerie just around the corner. Our weekend was one of spontaneous adventure, conversation – lots of conversation – and love.

Happy Friday!

Taking the time to notice your surroundings often reveals the secrets of the city. This old sign hangs above the ‘well-known secret’ in this photograph.

Café Prückel, café/restaurant.

I like these old signs around town, as well as the effect of discarding all other colors but the reds. What do you think? What’s around you?

Off to Paris this weekend!

Taking the tram – especially the old ones – through the city makes me very happy. I like the wooden seats and how bumpy the ride can be. I like all the bits of information that passes by, the details of the city streets and its people. This is our fascinating visual world; a present version of what you’d see in a history museum.

The train passes Volksgarten and the two identical museums facing each other.

They were talking about church.

It made me want to get my notebook as well.

Still thinking about last night’s tacos.

And I have listened to this song titled Love is all, by the Tallest Man on Earth, much of the day.

We are halfway into October and the last few days have been filled with lots of sunshine and crisp air. Autumn around Vienna — a certain color palette emerges: brown, green, yellow, black, tan, and also the beautiful changing colors of the foliage. Deep red.

Here we were walking along the inner city canal at Stadtpark in Vienna. The simple city park, famous for its gilded statue of musician Johann Strauss at its center, was founded in 1862.

Sunday afternoon–lots of sun. It was warm outside, and we went for a walk along the Donaukanal. We felt invigorated by the things we saw around the city. We walked for hours, but took a break by a hut surrounded by beach chairs on the canal boardwalk. There we enjoyed Sturm, a fermenting, unfiltered, young wine. This is the bright autumn we are used to.

I wanted to post pictures of autumn light, but I think it will have to wait…

I think these images appeal to me because these tones are so Vienna right now. The images are taken late in the evening after dark, but they also compliment this gray, rainy weather we’ve been having. I must say, I’m used to an autumn full of color and golden light, but these photos speak to my experience this month in Austria. Maybe I should try to shoot black & white next instead.

Once home in the warmth, curl up in the sofa with hot tea and listen to Ray LaMontage’s latest album, especially the track “New York City is killing me.” Or another one of my favorites is Iron and Wine.

I have come down with a rather bad cold this weekend so I’ve had to buckle down and stay at home. What else is there to do, but to write, read (Stieg Larsson’s Män som hatar kvinnor), watch movies (Salt and The Wrestler), listen to great radio shows (the latest episode on This American Life is about Crybabies), music (Radiohead right now) and look through pictures, for new inspirations and ideas.

It is quite the cold autumn out there. 11 degrees; gray hues accompanied by cold wind. So, I thought it appropriate to post a few pics from last year, from an October night walking around in our neighborhood. As soon as I am well again, I will take pictures of the autumn light instead.

What are you in the mood for? Hope you’ve had a good and cosy weekend.