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This afternoon we took a long walk into the city center. We kept a look out for new details we’d like to show. A theme that developed from our escapade was on typography. We find this type of design quite fascinating – how we communicate to the world; how we understand the meaning of things. Here’s an array of some of the fonts we found today.

The normal typeset used for Viennese street signs.

An old-style street sign in the 1st district of Vienna.

The electronic reader on a Viennese streetcar, likely dating from the 1970s.

The sunset over the enormous letters of Kunsthalle.

For more information and very interesting articles on typography, visit I Love Typography.


I am going through our photos and reflecting on what the past few months have been like. I have decided to share some old photos from the archives in a series of posts coming up. The images portray good memories and moments. These particular ones are from a summer cottage that we visited on a cool day in the beginning of summer.

So, I’ll leave you with these images and a wish for a happy weekend to come!

And by the way, visit Lauren’s new website where he shows his design work.  Check it out, provide feedback if you wish, and you may purchase his prints as well. Feel free to order as many as you’d like.

See you tomorrow with more images from our walks of life.

Blankets and napkins in the color of summer. Bread and cheese, oven-baked salmon, pasta salad and locally made wine purchased at the farmer’s market. It was a warm summer night and we stayed way past the dark had set in.

Thank you to good friends.

We sat in this spot for a long time. We listened.

I remembered things this day that I’d long since forgot about. The mountain air tends to do that.

The early part of the hike was filled with rain. By the evening, there was a beautiful golden light coming through the trees.

Picking mushrooms, smelling the forest and the cows up on the mountain, collecting small rocks and tasting wild strawberries; the woods were inviting and wild at the same time and we looked at each other and had the same thought: we feel right at home.

We spent the weekend in Tirol in the Austrian Alps. We hiked, climbed, picked mushrooms off the beaten paths, and got a lot of sun. The August weather was surprisingly warm and sunny and the high meadows were still filled with alpenroses and other wild flowers.

Good morning in the Austrian Alps.

It is amazing what one can cook up for breakfast with only two hot plates in a cabin full of happy campers.

After hours of hiking in the mountains the living room was an inviting place.

The tiles remind me of home.

This is a deserted barn on the grounds.

The remnants of what use to be.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you also got to breath deeply and feel the air.

They have made it through summer rain storms, and hail even.

The grapes are not ripe yet. A few more weeks to go. Then comes the harvest.

I am not sure why, but I like this photo. In fact, the images portray good memories, so they made the cut.

When the sun gets too hot.

It is a promise, to let this little one grow just where it is.

The steps up to the terrace and any fresh drink or ripe fruit.  By the way, yesterday, I found a grasshopper in my water. Not being a superstitious person, I still took it as a good sign. Today, I found a spider in my water. Hmmm.

I hope you are enjoying summer. Here’s to sandal tan lines.

The other night I was home alone, Andrea was out at her parents’ place, and a couple friends invited me spontaneously to join them out for dinner. We used to work together at the Vienna Review, so I knew to bring my camera to capture something for an upcoming review.

This image is clearly an outtake, taken at Yak & Yeti, a Nepalese restaurant in Vienna, Austria, after sunset on a warm summer night. Wrong ISO, shutter speed, and out of focus, but still captured something of the atmosphere in this covered, outdoor patio.

Check for the review at the J Franz Spiegel blog.

I have spent the last few days in the small town where my folks live.

I take walks, think about life, simplicity, colors. I took these photos, walking around listening to the distant thunder of the day’s thunderstorm. Aren’t the colors amazing?

A few hours later, after the passing thunder and rain, there were clothes hanging there, and a well used blanket.

I believe he makes sure the garden gives a lot of fruit and vegetables.

A well manicured garden patch.

The small and only hotel in town. It looked closed.

The neighbor had a visitor.

The lawyer’s office. I could hear the radio, playing a stage theater performance.

Thanks for stopping by. I am headed out again to brave the heat and to take more pictures. Hope you will all have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to see the colors.

One of our recent adventures while in Oregon was out to the Coast, to an extraordinary estuary called Whalen Island. We camped there for five days, nearly completely isolated from the scurrying societies we know too well. Here are some shots and descriptions:

the coast

The vastness of the Oregon sky with a low-tide beach at Whalen Island. During low tide, we crossed through the river out to the Pacific Ocean, where the water was, at the more shallow point, just above knee level. During some of the crossings, the girls had to be carried across as to avoid getting too soaked.

banjo & guitar

Music is always part of our adventures. Here, a banjo, guitar and good friends begin a long venture of music that lasted well into the night.


As the sun set, the tide was on its way back in. During high tide, the rivers surrounding the “island” become lake-like and much deeper. It isn’t until the middle of the night that low tide returns, and we were able to venture out into the water-soaked sand to look for phosphorescence, or the emission of light by bioluminescent plankton, in this case.

adventuringLong hikes down the beach and in the passing Coastal Mountain Range, brought a refreshing sense of self in relation to the nature that surrounds us all.

Sun, water, mist, wind and the sand beneath our feet, was part of our long days of venturing. The coastline seems never ending. Once back at the campsite after a long days trek, we would get the fire started and dinner was underway. Corn, tacos, guacamole one night, and salmon or sausages on others. We never got tired of it.

Every now and then we would head out to an ocean side restaurant for some delicious clam chowder. The trip made us realize how much we have to appreciate in life.