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So, we adventured into the heart of Oregon wine country for two afternoons, staying the night in McMinnville at Hotel Oregon. The hotel is owned by two brothers who deck out old buildings around Oregon with historical and artistic décor from the area, respectively.

In the hallways of Hotel Oregon, there were historic photographs and original artwork, chronicling the hotel’s first ninety years, along with hand-painted lyrics and wine descriptions.

We enjoyed breakfast at the funky Wild Wood Café in town. Big cups of coffee and omelettes served us well before heading out to the vineyards for wine tasting.

Believe it or not, the women’s toilettes were marked with Barbie.


We visited Multnomah Falls two days ago. The river you see below is the Columbia, which starts in Canada and runs through several US states.

After hiking to the top of the main falls, we chose to follow the river further up the mountain. We didn’t stay on the trail, but instead decided to walk up the river, stone by stone. At one point, we had to shimmy across this fallen log, to continue on our path.

Finally, we came to a hidden treasure: a second waterfall that was secluded by cliffs on three sides.

As an old native american proverb points out, to the unaware adventurer, one notices the greatness of the width and height and length of the Columbia River Gorge, but often overlooks the important fourth dimension of the place, which is time.