Happy Friday, everyone!

During the week we were going for strolls in the evenings, and snapping some shots in the evening light. Andrea has been learning some photography techniques, which I  think is a great for discovering artistic outlets. That is not to say that she doesn’t possess such outlets, but it never hurts to learn more. Plus, I like teaching what I know.

Some of the photographs turned out nicely. Check them out…

Despite this photograph being taken just around the corner from our house, we don’t live in the ghetto. Some of the shops could use some restoration however.

Water droplets on a motorcycle on Schleifmühlgasse.

Photographic prints through the window at morph* gallery (sorry, I couldn’t find a link) on Schleifmühlgasse.

Point of Sale, at the intersection of Operngasse & Schleifmühlgasse — nice evening light.

Overall, we just like to have fun and engaging when we’re experiencing the world around us. Then again, I guess the word ‘experiencing’ begs that you are cognitively interacting, hence ‘engaging’ with your surroundings.