And just like that, it should be spring. But it isn’t quite as warm in this part of the world right now, even though the rainy weather is just about right. We had been out late the night before, in the almost summer-like evening, but the sky was heavy with rain when we woke up. Despite this, the birds were up, and we could hear them through the open bedroom window. It’s funny, but there’s something about morning that makes us want to sing, too.

We were invited to a barbecue at some friends’ cottage, which they were renting for two weeks while waiting to move into a new flat in town. The cottage is by the Danube river, and boy what a spot it has. The area feels like a grandfather’s house, perhaps perfectly organized, not a weed in the lawn — the structure itself however, wasn’t quite run-down, but a bit shabby.

Cracking wood and tile-work, mixed with 1950’s flowery wallpaper and linoleum floor made you feel like you had traveled back in time.

On the grill we had ribs, corn on the cob, fish, and sausages of course — served with red cabbage sauerkraut and leaf lettuce with homemade dressing. While we gobbled (manneredly — if that’s possible), we endured the cold of an oncoming storm, and perused the items, junk if you will, scattered haphazardly about the yard around us.

We enjoyed all the way until when the storm broke, and with the bikes on which we came, we left. Even then, it wasn’t so unpleasant.

We talked about what we would do if we won the lottery. I think, even if we won, we would still be living pretty much the way we do now, but we would definitely be able to give more to the community (and a second bathroom…).

In the end, friends are always good in my book. Today, the word that keeps coming to mind is “lucky.” Or, is it Sunday that I’m thinking of?