The evenings lately have been filled with lukewarm air. It makes me think about nature, feeling free and what those feelings mean in life and why we are brought to remember them from time to time. Or we should be. While sitting on our balcony on this warm spring evening, studying the recently potted herbs (basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro and a no-name one), realizing they have grown a lot, almost doubled in size, it started raining and the air turned moist. It smells good.

We’ve been into listening to Radiolab and This American Life more often lately, while poking around in our sun filled flat. We’ve been reading the fictional work about Djingis Kahn together, literally. The story is haunting, but we can’t seem to put it down. There’s so much we did not know about the Mongolian people and their history.

And we read interesting articles about photography, work we admire:  a closer reading of roman vishniac brings up questions of truth and myth in photography. Fascinating. And a photographer whose beat was the world is a great review of the cartier-bresson exhibit now at the MOMA in NYC.

Closer to us, however,  recently it was the 100th anniversary of the death of the famous American writer Mark Twain, who turns out, lived and worked in Vienna and the reason for his stay, in what was then the imperial capital, was his daughter Clara’s musical ambitions.

The Wiener Festwochen recently kicked off, which is a cultural festival including music and performing arts. And coming up in June there’s the FIFA World Cup, when our street will be closed down to cars and accommodate flat-screen projections and outdoor seating. Exciting! And we are planning summer vacations and what to do and explore the next few months! Photo excursions for sure …

May is… (a short, poetic recap of the things of the month)
tulips, daffodils, lilacs, bluebells
fresh smelling air
rainbows, wet concrete shining in the sun
spring bouquets on the dining room table
increased visits and sittings on the balcony
volunteering at the dog shelter
following the buds on the “good” big tree outside our window
increased people watching through our wide-open windows
digging in pots and greens
asparagus, rhubarb, snap peas
the smell of soil
going from the lion like north wind to the sheep like spring breeze
colors in motion

And now for some of our friends’ thoughts on the topic:
(Ritin) – the month of Mary
(Eyal) – cherry blossoms
(Simone) – funky friends that, it just so happens, most are Geminis
(Rita) – flowers and fresh air
(Edin) – blooming flowers
(Karine) – longer days
(Silvia) – lilacs and birthdays
(Martin) – lilacs
(Bruno) – a variety of smells (?)