Hiking the Wienerwald outside Vienna’s 18th- and 19th-District suburb, Grinzing, proved to be just the thing for this early-risin’ day. Although the snow in the city has long since melted away, the higher elevations to the north/northwest of the city have a-plenty.

This was one of the first days with an abundance of sunshine. The reflection from the white surroundings led to a slight over-exposure of the skin, which we noticed the following day.

The forest was still and few others thought to adventure here. It felt like a place and landscape of sanctity; the view was equally breathtaking.

Around noon, and around the crest of the mountain, the path we were on led to a cute Gasthaus, of which neither of us can remember the name. The Schnitzel, Gulasch und zwei gro├če Bier hit the spot.