MUMOK in the Museumsquartier finished off the exhibit Gender Check with a finissage to remember.

Gender Check is an exhibition reflecting ideas of masculinity and femininity in the former Communist block. Twenty years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the paintings, films, posters and sculptures (in other words, artwork) explores how men and women were depicted in life, through the art of Eastern Europe.

As much as it focuses on a specific geographical area and period, it forces the observer to think about fundamental questions concerning art, feminism and gender issues in general.

The finissage is a new concept to me, but a good one. In closing the exhibit and moving it to Warsaw for the next six months, the curator and two artists walked a group of around twenty through the exhibit, explaining the history and ideas behind many of the pieces.  It was a lesson in anecdotes to remember.

How do images impact on our view of the sexes? What are the effects of social forces on how we think about gender?

This painting is the first to greet you as you walk in; a painting by Wojcieh Fangor (Polen/Poland) titled Figures; 1950; 100 x 125 cm.