Imagine your day starting with a half-working mind, having danced well into the morning hours and waking merely a few later… Your vision, at a moment like this, could very well appear as the photograph below: a winter, rose-garden tunnel — frigid, long and narrow — surrounded by twisting and curling vines of thought.

As the day moves forward, color makes its way back into the scene, and warmth in your toes.

As the sun sets, the crepuscular air gives into the coming night. Schönnbrunn Palace in the distance appears as any other palace in a distance; its trademark garden-house is out of view.  We did climb up to the garden-house in the bleak February weather. It felt good, like the fresh horseradish that accompanied a Frankfurter and helped clear our minds.

From this perspective you notice the royal grounds are accompanied by a miniature vineyard that stretches the length opposite the zoological attractions.

While we waited for the snow fall, we passed the time deep in thought, and put our ducks in a row.