This winter I have really enjoyed the season. It has actually been wonderful; cold and snowy and beautiful, just the way it should be (have I said that before?). For some strange reason one usually does not really remember if there even was a winter last year.  But then it all comes back…

We stopped to catch our breath. Winter makes me stop and notice things more, because everything is so spare and still. In this suburban area outside of Stockholm, not only people live there, but foxes and woodpeckers for sure, and deer come around to find food without much fear, too.

When I was little, we would run out to build a snowman. Afterward, we would have a snowball fight. Sometimes it ended in tears. As we knew it would (because it almost always does)… When it snows, either activity is ideal — that, or collecting fresh snow, taking it back into the warm house, and drizzling maple syrup over it as a treat.