We had been walking for hours. By late afternoon we were in Södermalm, which is the largest southern island in Stockholm. We were strolling the hills up and down, and sometimes we made a game out of crushing thin sheets of ice beneath our feet. It was so cold that we spent a bit of time stopping into stores to warm-up.

Södermalm is famous for the small second-hand and vintage-clothing shops.

Not only black, cream or white but also turquoise, ochre, magenta, carmine; the world opens up the minute you walk into a vintage store.

The boutique smelled like January. Like firewood maybe, and clementines, and warm breath. Coming from the cold, the heat in the store was suffocating, but it belongs to winter shopping. The music was playing (surprisingly loud ) a catchy tune; between a pop-tune and an indie sound.

I love it when an item looks so simple from the front but when you walk past, you’re just able to catch a glimpse of the “drama in the back…”

I like the variety of texture, pattern, material and associations.