I’m no botanist, but I can appreciate an amazing herb. So, I decided to do a watercolor painting of it this morning.


I think it turned out pretty well for not having used watercolor paints for years.

A recipe I came up with earlier this week was char with a citrus-chili-sage sauce with sautéed fruit and vegetables served over couscous. The fruits and vegetables are all optional and can vary, but this time we enjoyed broccoli, bell-pepper and mango.

The sauce (was something like this):

A few T Extra virgin olive oil
1 T Butter
1 T Fresh lemon and orange zest and 4 ounces juice
1/2 T Chili powder (or to preference/taste)
4 leave chopped fresh sage
1 Onion and 1 shallot
A pinch (or two) of salt

I might also add some fresh thyme and/or parsley