Graben, Vienna — Saturday evening lent itself quite easily to the bustle of the season, though it was cold.

Although managing to move from point A to point B in such a crowd proved particularly difficult, the atmosphere and attitudes were warm.

On the streets, musicians, from Eastern rock-mockers, and flamenco Christmas-music makers, to the classic accordion-fiddle duo, as well as regular artists, all added to the cheerful setting. Those ‘statue’ people were a-plenty, and seemed to stand abnormally still — perhaps due to the chilling -1°C temperature.

Heading northwest down the Graben takes you to a delightful Weihnachtsmarkt am Hof, where the stalls’ goods are antique or handcrafted, or both.

The only set back was a few of the elbow-wide types, but that should be expected this time of year.