Who’s going to make butternut squash soup with that pumpkin? I mean, really. Hanging around with those other pumpkins and, god forbid, a deer! But alas, this is just one moment in time. This ‘shop’ was an afternoon discovery in the sixth district of Vienner, on Gumpendorferstraße, around #23.

The handwriting on the door in the first photo — a specific sans-serif typeface with tall, compact letter — is written in English. This is not a common phenomenon in Vienna, particularly in colloquial terms.

Juxtaposed with this, is the vintage bookstore next door, with blaring signage above the vitrine. The typeface is a grotesque (yet common) old-time Germanic one, with a black/red/white scheme common to the Bauhaus-era design.

shop front 1

shop front 2