Busy lives so often tend to skip past these parts of society. Here on a Friday evening, in the center of Vienna, teens and drug addicts hang around on the métro staircases, tourists come and go on the Straßenbahn, and business folk flock from meetings to the streets.

These photographs were inspired by those details of the city that we encounter on a day to day basis, but rarely think of as we do so. The location: the corner of Kärntnerstraße where Kärntnerring and Opernring butt heads.

oper corner 3

oper corner 2

oper corner1

Accompanying the hustle and flow, is a plethora of signs, their presence screaming for attention. In fact, the branding placed on nearly every light post or wall, influence their surroundings in an indirect, yet targeted way. Starbucks coffee has one of the best spots in town, a Burger King sign peeks around the corner and the LG sign resembles a crooked face.

When standing at the corner of the intersection however, one primarily, and fortunately notices architecture of the city and the impressive Staatsoper mounting over the Ring. It’s a beautiful scene, though interesting to see modernity juxtaposed with the neo-Renaissance architectural style in the area.

Viewing these photos, the objects of interest are the ordinary, e.g. the teenagers hanging around in front of the stairs, the kebab stand’s florescent lights, the myriad of pedestrians mingling around the horizon of taxi signs.

What captures your attention?