We finally made it to our favorite flower girl and her stall at Naschmarkt (naschen in German means to nibble — isn’t that great?). The daylight was gray, but it made the colors of the flowers appear so much brighter. Sunflowers and lilies, roses and daisies… then you have the bushes and shrubs and foliage to accompany — pretty much all you could ask for, from this perfect little stall.

The stall is located at the farmer’s-market-end of Naschmarkt (Kettenbrückengasse), next to the vendor with the crates of apples and pears who makes sure to leave between noon and 1pm (and for some reason we always manage to get there just at 1:05pm…).  The other flower vendor at the farmer’s market is dull in comparison to “our” flower stall, but a good backup for weekdays are the two stands (owned by the same couple) between Schleifmühlgasse and the Secession.


Details… The choice this time was autumn red and yellow flowers …


The spread.


Love to talk flowers …

Today is Monday and we’ve survived a zombie-Halloween weekend. The flower girl has long since gone away, yet the flowers from the market are a nice contribution to the living room table.

By the way, we’re looking for a toasty blanket to cosy up in now that the chilly weather is here. One or two for the living room, and one for the bedroom. If you have any ideas of where to get a wool (or otherwise) blanket in Vienner, let us know.