With the arrival of the weekend, the splendor of the end of the month has come with it. This magical time of year is encompassed by the end of the harvest season, that is Halloween, and the beginning of frost on disintegrating leaves.

In Vienna, change is in the air. Days are shorter, clouds hang low, and shops have filled with unnecessary oddities of the forthcoming holiday season. One thing is for sure, however: Naschmarkt has not yet closed its shop-fronts for the winter (although our favorite wine shop has recently stopped serving outside), and soon enough, the Christkindlmarkts will start being constructed. (Nov. 12 is the first.)

This weekend, we have a plethora of things to do. But it’s started off right: a hardy breakfast while listening to the roots music of Chris Thomas King. The New Orleans’ roots and blues musician accompanied our coffee, and told us heartfelt stories. A good start.

One of the more important things on the to-do list is to gather flowers to adorn the living room table. This has become a weekend tradition, mostly because the flower lady at Naschmarkt on Saturdays is one of the better arrangers in town.

We’ll fill you in throughout the weekend; what discoveries we happen upon, and what realizations we come across.