I hope you’ve read the “about page,” so I can get right to the point…

It is a warm autumn day in the end of October. The leaves are falling, but there is still a summery feel to the weather as Indian summer has lingered for two months now (but with a short, strange stint of rain and snow for a few hours last week). When the sun is out it is wonderful to be outside: 17°C at midday.

By the way, autumn is by far my favorite season – the thought of a warm cover-up (but not too much) and beverages of the season, normally coffee, cider, or in our case Sturm, which is young, sweet wine available only during the fall season, thrills me.

Now, it’s the end of a long weekend and we had a busy schedule;  including a morning at the second hand warehouse Caritas, successfully finding great furniture for our living room (needing some touch-ups, but already in use), spending an entire afternoon at the local market Nachmarkt, (grabbing an echt falafel and a cup of Sturm, going for a long walk (all of an afternoon, squeezing in beer and a Frankfurter) along the Danube river, attending a goose dinner with friends and finally baking a two-kilo pork-roast with vegetables and potatoes for our delicious dinner tonight. Did I miss anything? Maybe the late night movie…

The photo above is taken in the early morning, while we were enjoying strong, black coffee (organic, of course) purchased at Alte Wien Kaffee across the street.

I have to randomly share, that I’m a huge scarf-wearer. A recent purchase; the sumptuous, two-tone color piece, purchased at Coton Doux in Paris, is like my dream accessory at the moment…(side note: it belongs to Lauren…).